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This page has information and guidance to help Derby schools, colleges and education providers in their vital work to keep children safe.

Allegations against Staff and Volunteers

For information about what is an allegation and what to do if an allegations is made against anyone working or volunteering with children, see the Allegations page. 

Safeguarding Update Service for Derby schools

Derby and Derbyshire Safeguarding Children Partnership (DDSCP) facilitates an email safeguarding update service for Derby schools staff who have key responsibility for safeguarding and child protection; this includes Headteachers, Principals, Designated Safeguarding Leads (DSL's), their deputies and School Business Managers. The service has been set up to help Derby education establishments keep up to date with local and national safeguarding developments.

If you wish to register for this service, please email

The Derby Education Hub

The Education Hub is a subgroup of the DDSCP. Membership is made up of Derby schools, colleges and education providers, who meet on a termly basis with input from the DDSCP and staff from Derby City Council. The group's aims are to improve safeguarding practice across Derby education establishments. 

If you would like more information about the Education Hub or have responsibility for safeguarding in your establishment and would like to join in with the work of the Education Hub, please email

Local Resources developed by the DSCB and Education Hub

Education Child Protection/Safeguarding Children Policy Template

The Education Hub have developed and updated an Education Child Protection/Safeguarding Template Policy   (Oct 2019) for use by Derby providers. The template can be adapted to suit the individual setting. 

Safeguarding Children Audit Tool for Schools and Colleges

The Safeguarding Children Audit Tool for Schools and Colleges (Oct 2019) has been fully reviewed and updated to incorporate requirements from Keeping Children Safe in Education (Sept 2019), Ofsted and local safeguarding procedures.  

The tool has been developed to support educational establishments to review their safeguarding activity and planning. It will also help schools provide evidence of their safeguarding activities for Ofsted inspection. 

Derby Schools Safeguarding Handbook

The Derby Schools and Colleges Safeguarding Handbook (Sept 2017) draws together key national and local safeguarding information, resources and support options for Derby education providers. This will enable Derby schools to ensure they are up to date and compliant with safeguarding issues and processes. The handbook reflects the sections within the Safeguarding Children Audit Tool for Schools and Colleges and as such will support schools in their  annual review. Please note this handbook is currently under review.

Child Protection Records and Transfer 

The Derby Education Providers Safeguarding/Child Protection File guidance has been developed to assist settings in establishing and maintaining record keeping systems that support effective safeguarding practice.

The Child Protection Records Transfer form has been developed to aid effective, secure and timely transfer of child protection records to the new education provider. 

Please note the above documents are currently under review.

Training for Education Providers

An Education Settings Training Pathway (Oct 2016) has been developed for education settings to provide advice about local training options to assist Headteachers, Principals and Governors to be able to identify the most appropriate training for their staff.

Education establishments may wish to source an external training provider for their setting. To support organisations the Derby and Derbyshire Safeguarding Children Partnership have a training validation scheme to quality assure materials and delivery of safeguarding children training providers. This is to ensure that national safeguarding training standards are met. Providers who apply to the scheme and meet standards are included on the DDSCP approved provider list.

Dealing with Drug Related Incidents - a policy for schools

Derby City Public Heath have developed an exemplar policy Dealing with drug related incidents - a policy for schools  based on national guidance to support schools with management of drug related incidents. A Responding to drug related incidents process chart  has also been developed to aid schools effectively manage incidents. 

Public Health England have also published a Dealing with a 'Mamba' overdose poster.

Kayleigh's Love Story 

Resources to support secondary school's facilitate Kayleigh's Love Story events with their students are available here.

Alright Charlie?

Alright Charlie? is a gender neutral CSE resource for use with pupils in Years 5 and 6 (ages 9 to 11). The resources include guidance for professionals, a workbook for pupils, a film and an accompanying poster.

The resources can all be accessed from the BLAST Project website to use with boys and young men - to purchase. Please note the Alright Charlie resources are free and gender neutral. You can also view the film on YouTube

Unregistered Independent Schools

If you become aware that a school may be unregistered please see Unregistered Independent Schools - a briefing note from Derby City Council (August 2016).

Access to Schools by Staff from Other Agencies 

The DSCB have published a Briefing Note 2019  to support schools in their roles and responsibilities in respect of providing access to children for assessment and the checks required on visitors to schools. 

Links to additional resources on this website

There is an Information and Resources section that includes links to a large variety of topics that may assist education settings.

Of particular relevance are the inclusion of materials on the following pages of the website that can be used with children and young people: