Learning and Improvement Framework

The DDSCP will continue to use on an interim basis the local safeguarding children boards' learning and improvement framework to make sure that good practice, lessons from reviews and scrutiny of local multi agency practice, along with national guidance and learning, keeps the development opportunities for staff and their managers up-to-date. The DDSCP will update the learning and improvement framework in 2020.

The local learning improvement framework has been used to drive forward practice that keeps children and young people safe. The Derby and Derbyshire Learning Improvement Framework sets out the full detail of how this is achieved locally.

The Derby and Derbyshire Safeguarding Children Boards' Training Strategy 2017 - 2020 ‌sets out how the training needs of staff are identified and how training programmes are agreed and updated. The DDSCP will update the training strategy in 2020.

Training Evaluation Strategy

A further key strand of the Learning and Improvement Framework is making sure that there are effective strategies to obtain evidence that training and development are making a difference to practice.

The DDSCP will update the training evaluation strategy in 2020.

Annual Training Reports

The evidence that the Learning and Improvement Framework and the Training Strategy is making to practice in Derby and Derbyshire and to the lives of children and young people is included in the annual training report.

The DDSCP will publish an annual training report in 2020.