Online Learning

Online learning courses are provided by the DDSCP and external providers. 

All courses are free unless stated otherwise.

An introduction to Safeguarding Children

If you work or volunteer in Derby or Derbyshire with children and young people this e-learning course provides a general introduction to safeguarding children. It includes explanations of the different types of abuse and what you should do if you have concerns. The course takes about an hour to complete. Your computer will need Adobe Flash Player in order to access the e-learning course.

On successful completion of the assessment, it is possible to print off a certificate. Please remember to click submit each time you answer a question.

You can access the course here: An Introduction to Safeguarding Children. If you have any difficulty accessing the programme, please click the two arrows at the top of the left-hand side of the page. You will then be able to see the table of contents.

Channel General Awareness Training (PREVENT)

This e-learning course includes information to help raise awareness of extremism and how multi-agency partnership work (called Channel) links to the government’s counter-terrorism strategy (CONTEST). It provides guidance on how to identify people who may be vulnerable to radicalisation and how to refer them into the Channel programme.

There are case studies to help you understand the process of identifying and referring vulnerable individuals, in addition to providing them with support, and provides you with a fundamental understanding of Channel. It takes approximately 25 minutes to complete and you need to click on all the boxes/numbers to complete fully and you can print off a certificate when finished.

View the Channel General Awareness Training course.

Safeguarding Children 4U App for your mobile device            ‌

The NHS Derbyshire Clinical Commissioning Groups' Safeguarding Children App can be freely downloaded for your Apple or Android devices. The app is not currently available for Windows mobile devices.

Safeguarding Children 4U App logo

  • For Apple devices - go to Apple store and tap in Safeguarding Children 4U and download to install (you will need an Apple ID to get Apple Store apps).
  • For Android devices - download from Google Play (you will need a Google Account to download Android apps).