‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌Training Courses and Events

The DDSCP provides general and specialist courses to help build staff skills, knowledge, values and confidence when working with children, young people and families. 

Courses are provided by a multi-agency pool of specialist trainers and there are online learning e-courses.

There are high quality additional training resources that have been developed to help you cover topics in your setting with staff and in some cases children and young people.

The DDSCP also quality assures independent safeguarding training providers so that organisations commissioning specific training packages can be confident that the training is good quality and up to date.

Choosing the right course for your role

If you are a member of staff or a volunteer working with children and young people and are interested in DDSCP training courses and events, please follow these steps:

First step

  • Consider your specific work role with children, young people and their families and reflect on your learning needs.
  • Take a look at the training pathway for your agency.

Second step

  • Look at the ‌Safeguarding Training Offered by the DSCB document and decide which courses are relevant to your role. Discuss and agree with your line manager which training course is appropriate to attend. 

Third‌ step

You will need to set up an account, this only needs to be completed once and then it can be used for any future training applications. You can track your DDSCP training history, download training materials as well as find certificates for completed courses.

Using the e-booking website you will be able to:

  • Choose and book onto available courses
  • Discuss the course with your line manager to gain approval for your application
  • Receive confirmation of your place and put the date in your diary 
  • If your chosen course is full, you will be able to chose another date
  • Download the course materials

Please note, due to high demand from all agencies for a limited number of places please choose no more than 3 courses each training calendar year (April - March). Booking more than 3 places could mean that a place for the course most important to you is refused.

For agencies who make an annual financial contribution for DDSCP training, places are free. For all other agencies (private children's homes, private schools and academies) there is a charge of £75 for a full day and £45 for a half-day training session.

To support you to use the new e-booking system there is a 'Frequently Asked Questions' section to help address any queries.

Training pathways to guide you to the right training for your work role:

To find out which are the training courses which are right for your work role please use these training pathways: