The Derby and Derbyshire Safeguarding Children Partnership gathers information to know how well agencies are working together to keep children safe and understand the experiences of children and young people living throughout Derby and Derbyshire.

The DDSCP uses the information it obtains to:

  • Report annually to the organisations, that provide services or fund new or existing ones, how well children and young people are being kept safe and where services need to be focused to help children and young people the most.
  • Report to individual agencies on what needs to be done to improve how children and young people are being kept safe through the work they do.

The DDSCP publishes an overview of the information provided by the work of the subgroups on an annual basis and this includes the main tasks identified for the following year.

DDSCP Annual Report

The first Annual Report will be completed and published during 2020


The DDSCP has a Governance Document that sets out how it carries out its work, the make up of the Chief Officer Group, Executive Board and subgroups.

The Governance Document will be published in December 2019 following the completion of consultation with Stakeholders.