Learning Reviews

The Serious Case Review Panel examines the details of all cases where abuse or neglect has led to the death of a child. In such cases a Serious Case Review is carried out.

In addition, the Serious Case Review Panel examines the details of all cases where serious harm has occurred and the child has been subject of abuse or neglect leading to:

  • a potentially life threatening injury
  • serious and/or likely long term impairment of physical or mental health or physical, intellectual, emotional, social or behavioural development.

In some cases the Serious Case Review Panel considers that a learning review should be carried out to identify where practice can be improved. Learning reviews provide an opportunity to look in more depth at practice in cases where children have experienced abuse and neglect that may have long term consequences for them.

Learning and Improvement: Review of Serious Case Reviews and Learning Reviews 2008-2014

Derby Safeguarding Children Board has published a report DSCB Review of Serious Case Reviews and Learning Reviews 2008-2014 to set out the themes that have emerged from the reviews carried out in Derby.

The aim of this report is to support multi-agency workforce development as part of the learning improvement framework. Agencies and individuals can use this report to explore the main themes that have emerged following an analysis of serious case reviews and learning reviews.

The report includes a summary of the changes that have occurred to local practice and how outcomes have improved for children, young people and their families and examples of good practice.

The following two briefings have been produced setting out a summary of the themes and good practice for:

Learning from a 2014 Serious Incident Learning Review

The Derby and Derbyshire Safeguarding Children Boards’ have published a briefing outlining top tips for Supporting practitioners working with new and emerging communities

Child Sexual Exploitation Learning Review of Operation Kern

The Derby Safeguarding Children Board carried out a learning review of Operation Kern. This police operation included the arrest and prosecution of 12 males for sexually exploiting girls in Derby.

Operation Kern followed immediately on from Operation Retriever, also involving sexual exploitation, which was the subject of a serious case review.

The learning review identifies further learning from Operation Kern about following areas:

  • A young person's experience of support before, during and after Court
  • A parents/carers experience of the support and trial
  • A professional's experience through a complex Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) trial, identifying any organisational and procedural barriers to service delivery.

The Learning Review Summary: Operation Kern 2013 sets out more detail about the findings of the review