Serious Case Reviews

Serious case reviews are carried out when a child or young person dies or is seriously injured, and abuse or neglect are known or suspected to be factors in the death. They are carried out so that improvements can be identified and action taken so that agencies work with each other more effectively to keep children, young people and their families safe.

When each review is completed a report is published. This includes an outline of what happened, without identifying the child or their family, what went well and what needs to change to make sure that in future other children and young people can be better protected.

Reports published in the last year

Serious Case Review FD17

The serious case review concerns the life threatening neglect of a nine year old boy who shall be known as “FD17”. Available reports:

Previously published reports

Reports are published on the website for a year. To request copies of previously published reports please email

Serious Case Review ED12

The serious case review concerns the deaths of six children in a house fire in Derby. Available reports:

The report complies with the Reporting Restriction Order and upholds the human rights of the surviving siblings to ensure that their welfare is not adversely affected by publication.

Serious Case Review DD12

The serious case review concerns the death of a baby boy in 2012 who shall be known as “DD12”. Available reports: